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Why a Trivia Night?

  • Of the many ways to increase business, nothing is as cost-effective and builds a more loyal following than a trivia night!
  • Customers will stay longer, spend more, and bring more friends with them.
  • A unique event on the weekly calendar is great for publicity and local buzz.
  • Benefits continue long after the event is over as occasional customers become regulars.

Why TriviaTryst?

  • TriviaTryst brings a well developed, polished product to your venue along with the experience and advertising support necessary for success.
  • Our team of hosts based in six states has the rockstar talent and magnetic personality to bring fun and professionalism to every event.
  • Our questions are second to none - accessible to average bargoers with challenging bonuses for trivia buffs.
  • Our unique Tryst Rounds give players a chance to interact with other teams, adding a social dimension not found in any other type of bar time activity. You have to experience it first hand to see how much fun it is!

What TriviaTryst Provides

  • A dedicated regular host
  • Backup hosts as needed
  • Audio equipment, supplies, and music
  • Current game content every week
  • Eye-catching posters and fliers
  • Online and print advertising
  • A strong partnership with a growing brand

Typical Pub Quiz vs. TriviaTryst

Typical Pub Quiz TriviaTryst
  • Quizmaster reads long rounds of 10 questions over the mic.
  • Trivia Host reads 1 question and bonus at a time over the mic.
  • Lots of talking and little music drains energy in the venue.
  • Deejayed music between every question keeps the vibe going for everyone!
  • The atmosphere is monopolized by the pub quiz.
  • Even if a few people aren't playing, a question every 3-4 minutes is just like listening to talking on the radio!
  • Each round has a different hit-or-miss theme, which is often obscure or random.
  • Fun questions throughout the game include something for everyone, like: movies/TV, music, sports, geography, foods & beverages, celebrity gossip, fashion, and business!
  • Questions in general are either too easy for trivia buffs, or too academic for average bar-goers.
  • Straightforward, current questions appeal to everyone, with tougher bonuses to challenge trivia buffs too.
  • Teams keep to themselves and leave right after the game.
  • Tryst Rounds give players a chance to interact with new teams, so they often stay and hang out all night together!

Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • TriviaTryst increases attendance on a given night and lengthens the average customer visit, resulting in greater average sales per customer.
  • Not only does the benefit well exceed the cost of holding a TriviaTryst event, venues on average achieve bottom line results that are four times better!

Source: TriviaTryst analysis. Contact us for details!