Music: Trivia Night by The Spanish Channel

What is TriviaTryst?

  • TriviaTryst is the East Coast's premier live trivia quiz game, born in NYC and played weekly at select bars & restaurants in 6 states!
  • Bring your friends and come play! It's FREE, and teams of up to 6 people can win prizes of up to $100 in free food & drinks.

What makes TriviaTryst the best trivia night in NYC & DC?

Hosts - Our team of rockstar talent and magnetic personalities brings fun and professionalism to every event.
Questions - Pop culture and current questions appeal to everyone, with tougher bonuses to challenge trivia buffs too.
Atmosphere - Deejayed music between questions keeps the vibe going for everyone in the venue.
Tryst Rounds! - Unique among all trivia nights, our gameplay style gives players a chance to interact with other teams.