Our professional hosts are some of the most entertaining, energetic personalities in the business! ...or should we say "quizness?"

Bryce "Game Over" Galen

Growing up in Oak Ridge, TN, Bryce started his trivia career at a young age, as captain of the Oak Ridge High School Science Bowl team that won a state championship in 2001. In his naive younger days, he tried to make the world a better place, once receiving an environmentalism award from President Bush and organizing an eating contest for charity which pitted the offensive line of the UVA football team against celebrity eater Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas. Today, however, Bryce has been occupied with corrupting the minds of trivia fans in NYC, DC and beyond as the Founder and President of TriviaTryst.

Carol "Power Plant" Padiernos

A rising star on the NYC comedy circuit, this Rutgers engineering grad once supervised mechanics at a power plant, and if you don't laugh at her jokes she will throw a monkey wrench at you. Luckily, she is one of the funniest hosts on the TriviaTryst team and her electrifying style will have you coming back week after week. Carol is also Vice President of Operations for TriviaTryst.

Rachel "Rabies-Free Since 83" Arbeit

Originally from Westchester, Rachel graduated from Northeastern in Boston before moving to NYC to surround herself with sports fans she could tolerate. Like Carol, Rachel makes her rounds on the NYC comedy circuit. She writes for National Lampoon and, of course, herself. Visit Rachel's personal website, creatively named

Michael "Lawless" Caputo

From an early age, Michael's Mom knew that he belonged on the stage when she would videotape him dancing to Paula Abdul in the driveway of their Long Island home. She immediately entered him into dance school. Although that didn't work out, Michael continued to perform in various theater schools and was even President of both his High School Drama AND Musical Club. He then went on to graduate from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama, and continued his acting career in Los Angeles where he landed several commercials, music videos and TV show gigs. Back in New York, he is happy to continue his career and host for TriviaTryst! He also has his own band which can be heard at For more information about Michael, visit or see him back at his dance roots on YouTube - Brooklyn Dance Off Vol. 1.

John "Hey Ya" Hayoz

Before John joined the team of TriviaTryst Hosts, he spent his formative years as 1/3 of the infamous hip hop team known as Outkast*. Although it didn't work out due to disagreements with John's outlandish clothing choices, he still holds the experience dear to his heart. Whenever he hears "Hey Ya", he knows they're calling out to him. Come listen to him spit out lyrics at a TriviaTryst event near you. While you're at it, check out his latest fashion endeavors - they're so fresh and so clean clean. (*Not true)

Sarah "Pixie" Wilson

A native Virginian and proud Northwestern alum, Sarah is a professional actress with many hidden talents. She once scored 594 points in a Scrabble game and has been known to play Rock Band by herself. When not hosting TriviaTryst, she is most likely acting in something, making organic ice cream, or dominating a crossword puzzle. Or telling her dog how little he is.

Emily "Crack da" Code

A Tufts Alum and a NY native, Emily is an actor and a braggart. She will never turn down a dance off and is unable to drive in certain states due to possible outstanding warrants. She is a Co-Founder of The Survivalists theatre company ( and a compulsive crossworder (best time: 5m50s). Emily’s family and friends are shocked and relieved she has channeled her Jeopardy! “problem” into a marketable skill. For the extended version and to follow her acting pursuits, go to!

John "The Mouth" Fazio

From the halls of Bethel Middle School to the grounds at Westconn, John, a Connecticut native, was always told by his teachers to shut his mouth. In the ultimate form of revenge, not only did he get a job working in radio with duties ranging from on-air to promotions & marketing, but he sings in a local band and hosts TriviaTryst. There's no shutting him up now! When John isn't behind a mic he's probably behind a camera working on short films or riding his ripstick in the driveway.

Kevin "Like a Storybook" Character

Kevin’s charismatic attitude and fascination with other people and their stories makes him nothing short of his name. This University of Georgia alum started his hosting career in Florida as a TV news anchor, bringing his professionally sarcastic attitude and weird knowledge about Italian ice cream to the mic. Perhaps more interesting than his last name is the fact that some people still have difficulty spelling it. "Like a Storybook" is Kevin’s quirky explanation. Character, now a grad student and Central Park employee, spends each day fighting off raccoons and trying to explain to non-English speakers the best route to Times Square. There’s always something absolutely tweet-worthy happening. Visit one of Kevin’s TriviaTryst games to hear more of his crazy stories!

Ryan "Business Time" Barker

A UMich alum who hails from Brooklyn & currently resides in Yonkers, Ryan is a talented actor and martial arts master. When he's not kicking ass on stage or in the streets though, Ryan hosts some of the meanest trivia games around. At Ryan's events, when the mic goes on and the beats fire up, you'll quickly realize that it's "Business Time". Check out his website at

Nicholas "Cool Hand" Pope

Nicholas "Cool Hand" Pope is 8 feet tall. When polar bears can't find food, they call Nick for help. If he coughs, he needs to shave again, and most of all, he loves trivia, but of course doesn't need the answer sheet. Soon, Cool Hand will be in your living room, on your walls and erupting from your stereo.

Regine "Queen Bee" Mont-Louis

Regine “Queen Bee” Mont-Louis was born to Haitian parents in Texas (yee-haw!) After high school, she packed her bags and moved across the pond to London for university but like most delusional dreamers, she wanted to act. Regine secured an agent in the UK but decided that going Stateside would be her best bet. She’s appeared on the A&E network, on stage at the Roy Arias Theater and in a hilarious commercial for panties. In her spare time, she likes languages, traveling, all things sweet and making fun of people. Check out if you want more!

Alex "Guinness" Innes

President Barack Obama has called him, “the best trivia host since George Bush,” and Alex Trebek has asked him to be on standby for Jeopardy, but Alex “Guinness” Innes has taken his talents to the wild streets of Washington D.C. where he has been giving the city with the most alcoholics nationwide a reason to come to the bar on a weeknight. Follow Alex on Twitter @alexanderdinnes to see where he's hosting next and what he does when he's not behind the mic.

David "Defeats Truman" Nelson

In a world of lost hope and desolation. A world where men are torn apart by differences and television trends. Where lies become truth, up becomes down and babies become old men... one man stands to level the playing field. One man who stands for justice, longevity and righteousness! One man to guide those lost in the wilderness on a most trivial pursuit! That man is Dewey "Defeats Truman" Nelson, and you owe him your allegiance.

Louie "The Legend" Rousso

Louie is a living legend in Westchester, NY. At a young age he was told that the sun shines out of where the sun don't normally shine. From that point on, he always knew he was destined for the spotlight. When he's not killing it at Tequila Sunrise on Trivia Thursdays, you can find him as the host of The Mann Up Show on He spends his free time being devilishly handsome, eating PB&J's and quoting movie lines by himself. For more on Louie follow him on Twitter @TweetsFromLouie.

Kevin "The Hoagie" Hurley

Kevin "The Hoagie" Hurley hails from a small Jersey town outside Philadelphia where coincidentally the word hoagie originates. He is a proud member of Actor's Equity Association and is a highly acclaimed Pokemon Master. Relentlessly honing his stand up skills, you can find Kevin sandwiching trivial facts in between well crafted jokes at a bar near you. Follow him on Twitter: @KevinAbridged.

Kevin "Phil" Collins

Kevin hails from the mean streets of Arlington, VA, and is a connoisseur of random knowledge. His love of trivia began at JMU, and followed him to TCD in Ireland where he defeated the entire country in a massive nation-wide game that totally did happen. He is back in the U S of A, and ready to charm your socks off with his best Irish accent if you ask him nicely enough. When Kevin is not enthralling you with super useful trivia that you use every day all the time, he can be found doing theatre-y things around the DC area. He tries to live each day as Abraham Lincoln and once said, "Hello, my name is Abraham Lincoln."

Tiffany "Money Maker" Baker

Tiffany "The Moneymaker" Baker probably recommended that new novel you're reading and can't put down. She may have knitted you that sweet sweater-vest with the leaf detailing that is so smart for fall. She definitely is hosting your trivia night with panache and alacrity. Tiffany is an actress/voice-over artist/writer/producer/singer/clown who wants you to have a happy day, regardless of weather. For more info, visit

Rory "No Right Turns" Scholl

Rory is an improviser, voice over actor, lottery player and taker of Lipitor for high cholesterol. He is the director of the improv touring show ARTPROV (find them on the Facebook) and lead guitarist for The Moth's improv storytelling band The BTK Band.

Revetta "The Editta" Dixon

Revetta was raised in a town so small she had both her parents as teachers, her mom not once, but twice. Instead of using the music of Radiohead or Nirvana to deal with her considerable teen angst, Revetta drowned her sorrows in the genius of Daryl Hall and John Oates. Eventually, she made it to the big suburbs and earned degrees in journalism and law, but left the practice of law to follow Hall & Oates as they toured around the country. When she's not hosting trivia, you can find her hunched over her laptop in her other gig as a freelance legal editor.

Reni "Beat dat Beat" Calister

Born in Manhattan, raised for a few years in Brooklyn, and then hauled off to New Jersey, Reni doesn't really know where she's from, and this helps with her overall mystique. When she's not hanging out in bars asking people questions, she's hosting Trivia. Otherwise, Reni can be found working on Documentary Films and watching cat videos on the internet.

Katie Dutton

Raised in the heart of Buckeye country, this Ohio native moved to NYC almost six years ago because she couldn't think of any terribly compelling reason not to. A preschool teacher, Katie spends most of her days singing Raffi songs, discussing the lives of various Disney princesses, and contemplating the pros and cons of glitter (spoiler alert: there are no cons!). When not enriching the minds of Manhattan's youth, she has been known to play on competitive kickball teams, fly trapeze at Trapeze School New York, bowl in social leagues, and support her more talented friends in their various theatrical endeavors. She enjoys good books, arts and crafts, fine whiskey, cheap beer, and any excuse to wear a costume (including, but not limited to, Halloween, theme parties, and college football games). Katie is also ridiculously, insanely, unbelievably, astonishingly good at Tetris. Like, WAY better than you are.

Mike "Crab and Prawn" Cabellon

A punk fan at heart – unless you ask him at a party, in which case yeah of course he listens to Iron & Wine – Mike was born in California but raised in Las Vegas ("Where careers go to die"). He pursued an education in Chicago followed by a young adulthood in New York; in keeping with his tradition of continuously moving east, he will probably live in Europe at some point, retire in Russia, and die peacefully on a Hawaiian island, thus bringing his life journey literally full circle. In the meantime, Mike can be found whipping up designs, videos, and web experiences by day as a creative and desperately trying to make people laugh by night on the stages of UCB as well as various dark bar basements. He's pretty proud that he worked both a semicolon and two references to death into this bio.

Gerald Torregosa

Gerald grew up in Houston, Texas and is a recent transplant to New York City. When he's not hosting trivia nights with TriviaTryst, you can find him doing stand up comedy at Comic Strip Live, Ha! Comedy Club, Dangerfield's and other NYC clubs.

Nicole "Stop Asking Dumb Questions" Zinerco

Nicole is a SUNY Stony Brook graduate, a painter and an amateur chef. She is also a national Mario Kart champion, mastering Rainbow Road in one minute and twenty two seconds. Now that Nicole's an unemployed college grad, with a degree in Studio Art, she's been trying her luck at some odd jobs. Recently, she starred in Shrek 5: The Return of Farquad as the voice of Shrek's mom.

Julie Hansen

Hailing from Washington, DC, in recent history Julie has pretended to be a convicted murderer, drug-smuggler, and housewife, to name a few felons. Professional yoga teacher and amateur celebrity lookalike by day, Trivia host and footie-pajama wearer by night, when she isn’t dramatizing true crimes, Julie can be found falling on her face in a yoga class or talking to her dog in French. Voted “Most Clueless” by her high school graduating class, this professional free-spirit plans to use her adequate reading abilities and award-deserving smile to encourage bar patrons everywhere to put their middle school geography knowledge and buzz-feed addictions to good use!

Arielle Katz

Born and raised in Colorado and a proud Florida State Seminole, Arielle is publicist by day, but at night transforms in to a trivia hosting machine and also your personal cheerleader. Even if you are doing terribly, she will tell you that you are doing AWESOME! When she is not hosting trivia and making new friends, you can find her leading her kickball team to victory, spinning and watching very bad reality television. Her secret talents include doing the worm and knowing the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song, and if you really want to get on her good side, you could probably give her a puppy or something of the fluffy variety.

Andrew "Hats On, Hats Off" Quilpa

Andrew is a wearer of many hats. In fact, at his graduation from the University of Virginia, he managed to wear nearly all of them. During the day, Andrew is a computer instructor at Byte Back, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving economic opportunities of DC residents. At night, he proudly dons the thinking cap of a TriviaTryst trivia host.

Nicole Holliday

A current doctoral student in linguistics who dreams of soon tormenting unsuspecting college students, Nicole is a serious smartypants and general trivia expert. She has previously shown off her question-answering skills on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and on NPR's "Ask Me Another". Hailing originally from Columbus, Ohio, and having done her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, Nicole is a true Midwesterner. When she's not hosting Trivia Tryst, Nicole is usually studying, drinking craft beer, and/or training for her first marathon. You can follow Nicole on Twitter:

Adam "WootAndSuch" Wennick

Since the beta phase of League of Legends, WootAndSuch has been a dominant player, originally playing support for one of the first competitive LoL teams, All or Nothing. After AoN disbanded, WootAndSuch joined Epik Gamer as the team's top laner, and gained massive popularity from streaming and the relative success of Epik Gamer at LAN tournaments. He moved in with Team SoloMid, whose gaming house was in New York, to pursue a full time gaming career but still played for Epik Gamer. After TheRainMan resigned from TSM, they were left without a top laner and WootAndSuch took this as a chance to join them. After receiving his former team's blessing, and due to being physically available at the time, WootAndSuch resigned from Epik Gamer and now plays top lane for TSM. For actual information, check out