Fun questions that many people can enjoy answering correctly are paired with more challenging bonuses for the game's Trivia Rounds. Final Round questions do not have bonuses.

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Trivia Round Sample Questions

  1. History

    • Q: When created in 1865, what was the first and primary mission of the US Secret Service?
    • A: To Supress Counterfeiting
    • Bonus: In 1950 and 1981, Secret Service agents bravely took bullets in the line of duty while protecting which two presidents?
    • A: Reagan and Truman
  2. Television

    • Q: What oceanfront town, which calls itself "Your Home For Family Fun Since 1913" is the location where the epic reality TV show Jersey Shore was filmed?
    • A: Seaside Heights, NJ
    • Bonus: What Jersey Shore cast member is the only main character on the show who is actually from New Jersey?
    • A: Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola
  3. Technology

    • Q: In the 1990s blockbuster video game Mortal Kombat, what special sequences are executed against beaten opponents to finish them with a gruesome death?
    • A: Fatalities
    • Bonus: What company, which filed for bankruptcy in 2009, was the original devloper of Mortal Kombat, along with Ms. Pac Man, Spy Hunter, and NBA Jam?
    • A: Midway
  4. Geography

    • Q: One of Columbus' first discoveries, what is the name given to the seismically-active island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
    • A: Hispaniola
    • Bonus: Named for the patron saint of astronomers, what is the capital city of the Dominican Republic?
    • A: Santo Domingo
  5. Foods & Beverages

    • Q: Sometimes called the green fairy, what Bohemian spirit containing the psychoactive chemical thujone was banned in the US for 95 years, until recent re-legalization of a diluted version?
    • A: Absinthe
    • Bonus: Traditionally a cure for intestinal parasites, what is the common name of the herb that gives the spirit its psychoactive properties?
    • A: Wormwood
  6. Sports

    • Q: The second pick in the 1999 NBA draft, Steve Francis, controversially refused to play for what expansion team that now plays its home games in Tennessee?
    • A: The Grizzlies
    • Bonus: What Spanish player helped transform this team into a playoff club, winning the 2002 Rookie of the Year Award under the management of Jerry West?
    • A: Pau Gasol
  7. Music

    • Q: What blonde pop star from Nashville, who got her big break with Flo Rida in 2009, dominated the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in early 2010 with the first 1 single of the decade?
    • A: Ke$ha (Kesha Sebert)
    • Bonus: What record label and rap collaboration featuring rising stars Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga topped the Billboard Rap Chart during the same time period with its single, BedRock?
    • A: Young Money
  8. Movies

    • Q: What Canadian actress played roles in numerous indie films, including Stephanie in Sideways, before her most well known role on TV's Grey's Anatomy?
    • A: Sandra Oh
    • Bonus: In the movie Sideways, the main characters speak fondly of what red wine varietal, leading to a 16% increase in US sales following the film's release?
    • A: Pinot Noir
  9. Business

    • Q: Established in 1958 as "GoldStar" and changing its name in 1995, what global technology company is a leading producer of flat panel TVs and mobile handsets?
    • A: LG
    • Bonus: Following its acquisition of Sanyo, what conglomerate which also sells under the brands National and Technics, is now the largest electronics company in Japan, by revenue?
    • A: Panasonic
  10. Fashion

    • Q: What jewelry designer from Florence Italy is known for creating many of Tiffany's best-selling items including the famous 'teardrop' and 'open heart' designs?
    • A: Elsa Peretti
    • Bonus: What architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain has also designed jewelry for Tiffany's since 2006?
    • A: Frank Gehry
  11. Foods & Beverages

    • Q: What is the more common and perhaps vulgar name for the classic English dessert of boiled suet pudding studded with bits of dried fruit such as raisins or currants?
    • A: Spotted Dick
    • Bonus: What four word name for a granola bar made by Nature Valley tempts consumers with the delight of two gustatory sensations from an earthy, edible kernel?
    • A: Sweet and Salty Nut
  12. Geography

    • Q: What landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by 5 other countries, is ruled by a communist government from its capital, Vientiane?
    • A: Laos
    • Bonus: What river on this country's southern border, whose English name starts with M, is second only to the Amazon in terms of the number of natural species it supports?
    • A: Mekong
  13. Television

    • Q: "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside." Such is the advice of Kelly Cutrone, former employer of Lauren Conrad and Bravo reality TV diva on what show about the fashion industry?
    • A: Kell On Earth
    • Bonus: Cutrone has been compared to what other fashion reality TV star, famous for catchphrases such as "I die" and "Shut it down?"
    • A: Rachel Zoe
  14. Science & Medicine

    • Q: A synthetically derived statin, cholesterol-lowering atorvastatin is the best selling prescription drug in history, sold by Pfizer under what brand name?
    • A: Lipitor
    • Bonus: What fungus named for a mollusk is considered the best dietary source of natural statins?
    • A: Oyster Mushroom
  15. Movies

    • Q: The subject of a winter 2010 exhibition at the MoMA, what American film director made a name for himself with dark and quirky-themed films such as Edward Scissorhands and the Nightmare Before Christmas?
    • A: Tim Burton
    • Bonus: A perennial on tabloids' worst-dressed lists, what is the name of his wife, who played Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter film series?
    • A: Helena Bonham Carter
  16. Miscellaneous

    • Q: The Christian Science Church, whose followers are known to refuse modern medical treatment, is headquartered at a 14-acre complex with a large reflecting pool in the center of what US city?
    • A: Boston, MA
    • Bonus: Having a similar name but totally different beliefs, what famous science fiction writer founded the Church of Scientology 56 years ago as an incorporated business in Camden, NJ?
    • A: L. Ron Hubbard

Final Round Sample Questions

  1. Art

    • Q: What style of painting from the late 19th century, popularized by Georges Seurat, could be considered an early precursor to dot matrix printing techniques?
    • A: Pointillism
  2. Fashion

    • Q: What type of men's casual shirt, deriving its name from the site of a famous English regatta, features a 4 to 6 inch placket below the neckline?
    • A: Henley Shirt
  3. Wildcard

    • Q: What psychoactive drug, which grows naturally as a pink-flowering plant, is illegal in most US states unless consumed as part of certain religious ceremonies?
    • A: Peyote
  4. Geography

    • Q: With approximately 3.9 billion people, Asia is the world's most populous continent. What is the second most populous continent?
    • A: Africa