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In March 2013, Gena Kaufman, a relationships writer for, played TriviaTryst at Bar 9 during a trip to NYC from Columbus. She wrote about her night and even admits to a little crush on Alex "Your Future Ex-Boyfriend", whom she calls "man candy". Gena discusses her favorite questions and admits that trivia could be a "secretly good way to meet people."

2012: OnTap DC

In November 2012, Tara "Sweet T" was interviewed by OnTap Magazine as part of a special feature on top trivia hosts in the DC area.

2011: CBS Best of NY Award

In January 2011, two TriviaTryst events, The Dubliner and Keats, were honored by New York's local CBS station as being among the best five trivia nights in New York City in their "Best of NY" awards. Their write-up includes a nod to our signature Tryst Rounds, calling them a sort of "ask the audience" feature.

2011: Morristown Patch

In July 2011, The Morristown Patch photographed and put together a great slideshow featuring Carol "Power Plant" and several teams at her highly popular event at Sona Thirteen in Morristown, New Jersey.

2010: CityScoops New York

In a 2010 CityScoops New York article, TriviaTryst was mentioned along with two other local trivia providers as being one of the hottest ways to show off trivia acumen in NYC. The writer quotes TriviaTryst founder Bryce "Game Over" in saying, "[TriviaTryst is] not a bad date idea, because a lot of conversation topics naturally come up, and you can see how smart your date is."