We have 3 simple rules:

  1. No cell phones (before you turn in your answer slip).
  2. No shouting out answers.
  3. Maximum of 6 people per team/table.


The game lasts just under 2 hours and consists of 3 types of rounds: Trivia Rounds, Tryst Rounds and Special Rounds. The easiest way to understand the format is to just play it! But if you want to read about the details, here they are:

  • Trivia Rounds

    • The host gives 3 categories for the round.
    • For each category, a question and bonus pair is asked.
    • Write the answer and bonus on your slip, along with a point value of 3, 6, or 9.
    • You can only use each point value once per round (save the 9 for your strongest category).
    • Bonuses are always worth 2 points and funny answers may get you 1 point.
  • Tryst Rounds

    • Every team is randomly either blue or yellow.
    • Discuss answers with other teams of the same color!
    • Your total score is your team score (out of 5 points) PLUS your color score (out of 10 points).
    • Color score is double the average of all team scores of the same color.
  • Special Rounds

    1. Worksheet Round - fill out a worksheet with your team, usually picture-based.
    2. Final Round - make a comeback or blow your lead! Wager up to 14 points on each of the two final questions, but you lose half for incorrect answers.